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Exams are the core of the CCIE program
Training is not the CCIE program objective. Rather, the focus is on identifying those experts capable of understanding and navigating the subtleties, intricacies and potential pitfalls inherent to end-to-end networking. To become certified as a CCIE you must pass BOTH a written qualification exam AND the corresponding hands-on lab exam in one of the CCIE tracks.

Written Exams are two-hour, multiple choice, computer-based exams available at authorized testing centers worldwide.
Lab exams are eight-hour, hands on exams that test the ability to configure and troubleshoot equipment and are offered at selected Cisco locations. Check Scheduling links below for more information.


Exam Track Introduction
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Recertification Exams: Exam Number  
CCIE Routing & Switching Written Exam #350-001 CCIE R&S Lab Exam
CCIE Data Center Written Exam #350-080 CCIE Data Center Lab Exam
CCIE Security Written Exam #350-018 Lab Exam Information

CCIE Service Provider Written Exam



CCIE Service Provider Operations

CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam #350-040  
CCIE Voice Written Exam #350-030  
CCIE Wireless Written Exam #350-050  

luoht(SYSTEM)谈准备 CCIE LAB 需要什么设备
luoht(SYSTEM)的CCIE LAB考试经历
CCIE LAB Exam设备表 

北京CCIE 实验室考试考场地址及付款信息


实例解释MPLS的原理 2005-3-30

CCIE备考用书 2005-3-30

RIP的32位路由问题 2005-3-26

OSPF的隐含命令 2005-3-26

ospf 邻居为空的一些可能原因 2005-3-26

截止至2005年3月1日全球CCIE人数统计 2005-3-13

ccie 2005-3-11

IGRP学习笔记 2004-12-7

CCIE笔试blueprint 1.0 考点 2004-12-5


体验Cisco CCIE实验室考试 

IE实验的总结 2005-2-21

我的认证之旅:三次艰难的CCIE考证经历 2005-2-18

访问控制列表 access list 2005-2-16

组播,multicast 2005-2-16

思科官方报道:CCIE再认证体系已取消 2005-2-16

CCIE(思科认证互联网专家):年薪翻2倍半 2005-2-3

低延迟队列(LLQ),优先级队列(PQ),自定义队列(CQ) 2005-2-2

加权公平队列(weighted fair queuing) 2005-1-28

承诺接入速率(Committed Access Rate)配置案例以及详解 2005-1-28

服务质量Qos-Quality of service 2005-1-28

CCIE:Routing&Switching资源 2005-1-25


ExactPapers Cisco CCIE LAB 2004.10 2005-1-5


Sybex - Cisco CCIE Book

CCIE Practical Studies Security
SE Practice ccie lab

CCIE Lab(9个试验) 

ccprep ccie labs(71个LAB 2000) 
resource guide for building a home ccie lab




ipexpert net_v2.1

comblues ccie super cd

KnowledgeNet Preparin for the CCIE R&S Lab
Cisco CCIE Security Student Guide V1.1[2003]
CCIE 350-001:Routing and Switching Prep Kit
CCIE Fundamentals Network Design and Case Studies
CCIE Traffic Engineering with MPLS(PPT Juniper)
CCIE Security Exam Certification Guide
ExamForce Cisco.350-001 CramMaster v1.3
CCIE Security Exam Certification Guide
Internetwork Expert's CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbook(IEWB-RS)
CCIE 350-001:Routing and Switching Prep Kit
CCIE Fundamentals Network Design and Case Studies
CCIE Traffic Engineering with MPLS(PPT Juniper)

Managing Networks PPT [Cisco 2000]
TestPro-CCIE [2.7M 模拟题]
CCIE notes from experience

All-in-One Cisco CCIE Lab Study Guid Second Edition
Cisco AAA Implementation Case Study
TCP/IP Illustrated V1

CCIE R&S 笔试用书结构
ExamForce Cisco.350-001 CramMaster v1.3

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  • CCIE 350-001 517Q(2013.7.9)10.28 
  • TestKing 350-001 V918.25 
  • TestKing 350-001 V8110.10 
  • TestKing 350-001 V77.13.13 
  • TestKing 350-001 V766.19 
  • TestKing 350-001 V745.24 
  • TestKing 350-001 V711.13 
  • TestKing 350-030 V1110.3 
  • TestKing 350-001 V669.8 
  • TestKing 350-001 V606.13 
  • ActualTest 350-001 v01.16.109.13 
  • ActualTest 350-001 v08.06.099.11 
  • ActualTest 350-029 v07.25.099.6 
  • ActualTest 350-026 v06.22.099.6 
  • ActualTest 350-018 v07.24.098.12 
  • ActualTest 350-001 v04.09.098.12 
  • ActualTest 350-026 v12.12.082.21 
  • ActualTest 350-030 v12.15.082.21 
  • ActualTest 350-040 v12.22.082.21 
  • ActualTest 350-023 v12.12.081.30 
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  • REAL-EXAMS 350-001 Exam.Q.And.A V31.7.15 
  • REAL-EXAMS 350-018 Exam.Q.And.A V6.07.15