CCNA TV: Routing - Understanding IP Packet Delivery     日期:2007-5-10    浏览次数:

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Agenda: The program will provide a brief recap of the March 28th episode and then focus on the following objectives and is designed to provide information that will assist you in passing your CCNA exam. After the presentation, we’ll be taking live calls from YOU – the viewer— during our Q&A session. You may also submit questions electronically.


After viewing the show, you will be able to discuss:
How does the Router answer the question, “Is this frame    for me?”
Why does the Router look at the Ethernet “Type” field?
Decapsulation process
How routes are installed into the Routing Table
Equal-Cost routes, what are they?
Choosing between Routes
          o Administrative Distance
          o Metrics     
  Other Resources The Certifications team has just released a new educational game designed to help make the highly technical topic of subnetting easier to learn. The Cisco Subnetting Game is an innovative and exciting way to test and improve your subnetting skills. Set in the mysterious Area 51 Military base students are challenged to create sub-networks while defending themselves against potential “attacks”. With each level of the game the challenges are harder and the potential “threats” increase.

Network addressing and subnetting skills are crucial for all networking professionals. This game offers an entertaining and challenging way to keep those skills sharp and ready.

WARNING Previous knowledge of subnetting is necessary to play the game. If you would like to review subnetting before you begin you can view the white paper “Learn About Subnetting”.