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*TechNews is switching to HTML format*

AskF5 is reformatting the TechNews email from plain text to HTML. The new HTML format will enable subscribers to quickly view all added and updated documents for their F5 products. In addition, the “BIG-IP” section will be separated out by each BIG-IP product, making it even easier for you to locate the solutions that apply to your needs. Look for the new HTML format in next week’s TechNews email.

*Helping F5 Support troubleshoot technical issues*

Refer to the following solution for information about the files you can provide to F5 Support in order to help F5 support troubleshoot technical issues.

SOL2633: Instructions for submitting a support case to F5 Networks

*RSS feeds on Ask F5*

You can receive Ask F5 RSS feeds to stay informed about new documents pertaining to your products. You can configure feeds for specific products, product versions and/or document sets. You can also aggregate multiple feeds in your RSS Reader to display one unified list of all selected documents.

For more information, including instructions to sign up for Ask F5 RSS feeds, refer to:

*Avoiding the 497 day jiffies counter bug in the Linux 2.4 kernel*

To avoid any issues which may result from the 497 day jiffies counter bug in the Linux 2.4 kernel, customers should schedule an annual reboot of their BIG-IP LTM, GTM, ASM, WebAccelerator, Link Controller, WAN Optimization and FirePass systems. Although the counter bug is not an F5 software defect, and all issues known to affect F5 products have been patched in current product versions, an annual reboot is recommended to avoid any other issues which may arise. For more information (including which product versions are affected), refer to SOL7036: The Linux uptime counter wraps after 497 days.

*Top 10 solutions for July*

1. SOL11215: Upgrading an active/standby BIG-IP high availability pair

2. SOL3499: Backing up and restoring BIG-IP LTM, ASM, GTM, Link Controller, or WebAccelerator configuration files

3. SOL4707: Choosing appropriate profiles for HTTP traffic

4. SOL8035: Overview of BIG-IP daemons

5. SOL5527: Configuring the BIG-IP system to log to a remote syslog server

6. SOL2167: Constructing HTTP requests for use with the HTTP or HTTPS application health monitor

7. SOL7595: Overview of IP forwarding virtual servers

8. SOL8260: Configuring syslog settings using the bigpipe syslog command

9. SOL11790: Overview of BIG-IP version 10.1.0 HF2

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