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Network Discovery-Router 1
Network Discovery-Router 2
Network Discovery-Router 3
Configuring Single Area OSPF 1
Configuring Single Area OSPF 2
Config OSPF NBMA Environment
Config OSPF NBMA Network
Config Multi-area OSPF Network
Verify MultiMulti-area OSPF Network
Stub Areas
Totally Stubby Areas
Not So Stubby Areas-Creation
Virtual Links Setup 1
Virtual Links Setup 2
IP Helper-Adress Command
Redundant EIGRP Routers A-C
Redundant EIGRP Routers D&E
Redundant EIGRP Testing
EIGRP Across Frame-Relay I
EIGRP Across Frame-Relay II
Configuring BGP
BGP Route Reflection AS 100
IGRP integration
Directed-Broadcast Handling
Configuring Basic BGP
Creating a BGP Router Reflector
Configuring BGP Connection Weight
Modifying Redist Admin Distances
Redistribution with Router Filters
Router Map Creation
Configuring an Access Switch
Configuring a Distrbution Switch
Backup Ethernet ASW1 to DSW2
Trunk Configuration
Activating and Limiting Trunking
Creating a VTP Domain
Verifying the VTP Domain
Testing the VTP Domain
Vlans to Access Switch Ports
Verifying Spanning Tree-Acc. Switch
Configure Fast Ethernet Channel
Configuring Uplink Fast-Access Switch
Configuring the Route Processor
Configuring a Distribution Switch
Config MLS on Router & Switch I
Config MLS on Router & Switch II
Access Lists
HSRP and IP Multicast Routing
Creating a VTP Mngmnt Domain
Initial Configuration
Configuire Serial Interface&Line
Configuring the Central Modem
Configuring the PC Modem
Frame Relay Subinterfaces
Config Frame Relay-Branch
Frame Relay Trffic Shaping
Preparing BRI Int Backup Dialup
Establishing a Backup Connection
Config Home to Comm Central
Configuring the 3640
PPP&Telnet on the Central Site
Incoming Async Calls
Dynamic Network Addr. Translation
Static Network Addr. Translation
Configuring Custom Queuing
Configuring X.25 transport
Preparing The Network
Constructing the Priority List
Verifying the ISDN Connection
Verifying Frame-Relay Operation
Verifying Custom Configuration
Network Discovery Host Mapping
Network Discovery Verification
TCP/IP Trbleshoot AR1&Core
TCP/IP Trbleshoot Vegas
ISDN Connectivity Static Routes
ISDN Connectivity Extended Ping
ISDN Connectivity Ping Debugging
ISDN Connectivity External Debug
AppleTalk Ntwk Problems
Serial Connectivity
Intermittent Connectivity
Layer Three Connectivity
Troubleshooting an IP Network
Connectivity in an IP Network
Troubleshooting an IPX network
Connectivity in an IPX network
Wrong Encap for Serial Link
Creating Standard Access Lists
Limiting VTY Access
IPX Router Config
IPX SAP Filtering
IPX Access List Security
Console Login
Examine a Router
Telnetting to a Remote Router
Clearing The Backup Config
Initial Router Configuration
Saving The Backup Configuration
Router Configuration
Password Recovery
RIP Routing
IGRP Routing
Copy to NVRAM
Copy to TFTP Server
Copy from the TFTP Server
Loading the 2600 IOS
Initial Switch Configuration
Navigating the IOS
        ::CCIE-MCNS ::
Securing Access
AAA Login Authentication
        ::Cisco 6509::
Configuring Distribution Swithch
Port Security
Spanning Tree
Creating a VTP Domain
Verifying the VTP Domain
Testing the VTP Domain
Activating & Limiting Trunking
RIP Routing
Inter-VLAN Routing
Prepare the MSFC for MLS
Configure MLS on Router & Switch
HSRP Using Multiple Routers
Multicast Routing
Standard Access Lists
Limiting VTY Access
Layer 3 Filtering
Supervisor & Power Redundancy
Basci PIX Configuration
Installing WebSENSE
Config NAT Stats and Conduits
Config Multiple Interfaces
Config Authentication
Config the Primary PIX Firewall
Verify IPSec Configuration
Passwrod Recovery & Image Update
Configuring the CSIS Feature Set
Configure Cisco Secure ACS NT
Configure AAA and Authentication Proxy
Verify Authentication Proxy Configuration
Configure the PIX as a DHCP Server
Configuring PIX as a DHCP Client
Configuring Logging
Configuring Logging -Verification
Denying Outbound Traffic
Allowing Outbound Traffic
Configure PIX to work with Websense
Configure WebSense to Block by URL
WebSense to Block by Workstation
Configure the Fixup Protocol on PIX
Configuring PIX for IDS Signatures
CSACS Install and Add User
Configure IKE and IPsec on the PIX